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For more hair inspiration and tips - All Things Hair is a platform filled with hair styling tutorials from leading video bloggers which can be filtered and search to find that perfect style for you to express yourself. That content isn’t arbitrary however, rather selected based on Google searches. All Things Hair is using Google data to see what customers are searching for and then asking bloggers to make videos to meet the demand.

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Our Role

  • Content management system
  • Code audit and optimization
  • Technical Architecture
  • Server configuration
  • Multi-language full text search
  • Backend and webservices


  • Python
  • Django
  • Akamai
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elastic Search

More about this project

Hair and makeup video tutorials have long been on the rise and 59% of U.K. beauty brands have invested in the medium. In the U.K., YouTube has become the battleground where brands and video bloggers, who control 57% of results for brand term searches, compete for visibility. Unilever leverages its scale in this campaign, promoting all of its brands in one location. Instead of competing with bloggers Unilever is collaborating with them to utilise their following. All Things Hair marks the first time that Unilever has advertised multiple brands, including Toni & Guy, Dove, Tresemme and VO5, as part of the same campaign.

Lost Property partnered with Razorfish to build All Things Hair for Unilever. It is a platform filled with hair styling tutorials from leading video bloggers which users can filter and search to find content that best suits their taste. That content isn’t arbitrary however, rather selected based on Google searches.

Unilever partnered with Google to gain real-time insights into what exactly people are looking for knowledge on. There are 30 million searches about hair on Google every day – a rich pool to draw from, enabling the company to predict what solutions, problems and styles people care about.

The channel uses Google data to determine what hair advice women are searching for. It then sends these queries to a team of video bloggers who create instructional videos. The bloggers, who are from the UK and Canada, are paid by Unilever for their contributions and already have millions of followers on YouTube.

In December 2013, the YouTube channel All Things Hair launched featuring content from popular bloggers including Zoella and Tanya Burr. Since it’s launch, the channel has generated over a million views and a long average viewing time.

All Things Hair has now been launched for a number of countries including the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, Philippiness, Japan and continues to grow.

When building this type of platform for this volume of visitors, it’s typical to meet some challenges, and we are proud of the result which is a platform that is engaging and fast for the users. Content administration is just as important, and we developed a bespoke CMS with a customised UX to make content editing easy and enjoyable for the content administrator.

Today, Lost Property continue to work on All Things Hair rolling out new features for the users and expanding into new markets. We have enjoyed being part of this project serving as a disruptive media idea which brings a useful platform into the hands of the users all around the world now.


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